Shock Everyone on Halloween with this DIY Jellyfish Costume

Picture of Shock Everyone on Halloween with this DIY Jellyfish Costume
Make a big splash this Halloween with this one-of-a-kind do-it-yourselfer!
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Step 1:

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Halloween is your one night of the year to blow the lid off the box and emerge as something completely new and unique – so make it count!

Easier said than done, right? Maybe not; maybe we just need to delve a bit deeper. Perhaps the cold depths of the sea are a good place to start!

Enter the Jellyfish costume. It’s cheap, you can build it yourself, it shows off your creativity, and it will help you in darkness, rain or shine. Not to mention, it is a serious conversation piece!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will require the following:

• A clear, bell shaped umbrella

• A set of tap lights (battery powered of course)

• A bag of zip ties

• Tissue paper (colors of your choosing)

• 16 feet of rubber tubing (1/4 inch diameter will work)

• Rainbow-translucent pipe cleaners

• Epoxy or super glue

• Scotch tape for odds and ends

Step 2:

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Make sure you choose a bell-shaped clear umbrella. This is critical for sparking the synapsis that call upon the image of a jellyfish. (It is a pretty abstract costume after all. We don’t want to make people work too hard!)

Step 3:

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Supplies in hand, take the following steps and you’ll be shocking everyone at the party in no time:

Step 1:
Count out eight rainbow-translucent pipe cleaners. I chose this variety of pipe cleaners because it gives off an effervescent, electric look. It also catches light well and gives a glittering effect reminiscent of illuminated sea creatures.
mnmama1 year ago
Very cool! You could dress up as a sea turtle and pretend to chase it down for a snack! Love the lights. Maybe play with some of the light changing LED's out there??
mnmama mnmama1 year ago
Sorry....I meant "color changing," not "light changing."
bajablue2 years ago
Very clever!!! Don't forget to dress in a Nemo costume! ;-)
Or maybe something like this!
Kiteman2 years ago
This is great, but for that genuine jellyfish sting, you need to incorporate this project...