Introduction: Shock Powered Pump

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I made a pump that creates pressure as you ride.

Step 1: Gather Pieces

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what you will need is:

2 bike tubes (they can be popped) I used one with a presta valve and one with a schrader valve, but this will change depending on your pump and your bike.

PVC glue

2 hose clamps

2 female presta valves that can be fitted into a bike-pump tube or one female schradar

2 bike-pump tubes/hoses

1 PVC pipe 2 inches in internal diameter

end cap for PVC 2" PVC pipe

Various fittings to reduce the size to a half inch threaded connector

1 half inch threaded ball valve

1 threaded 1/2" to 1/4" PVC connector

Teflon tape

Step 2: Prepare a Male Presta Valve

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using scissors and an exacto knife cut the presta valve from the tire, leave a small ammount of rubber for creating a seal. (at this point you can speed up the process a little bit by skipping to step 7 and then continuing again from here) place the presta valve in the rubber washer and push the washer to the base of the valve. put the washer and valve inside the cavity in the female presta valve. screw on the end cap and set this part aside for later.

Step 3: Measure and Cut

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I based the length on a water bottle holder, but you can have it be any length

Step 4: Making the Tank

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using all the fittings except the threaded fitting PVC glue them all toghther.

Step 5:

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While the PVC glue is drying make the second hose. Cut the Schradar valve from the tube. whittle down the rubber on the back of the valve so it can fit into the tube. Push the valve into the hose until you think it is secure. to push the valve in you can use a threaded pump.

Step 6:

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by this time the glue will be dry. use some Teflon tape to screw in your 1/2 inch ball valve. then screw in the PVC 1/2" to 1/4". use more tape to screw in the 1/4" to hose barb. press your hose barb into a tube with a Female presta valve on the other end. This valve can be put on a presta valve and pump up tubes.

Step 7: Removing Check Valve

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After putting everything together I tested the pump but the male presta valve was preventing the tank from filling so I had to remove the inner post. I just needed some wire cutters to cut the threaded post.

Step 8: Attaching the Pump

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Each bike is different so I cant tell you how to make it for your bike but you have to attach it to 2 different places, one on the outside cylinder and one on the internal cylinder.

Step 9: The Connection

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in between the tank and the pump the connector can be disconnected to pump up tires.


Jhakz (author)2016-05-21

I love it! but I think you should make it so when its pressurized its like nitro and propelles your bike for you for several feet :)

Mrathweg (author)Jhakz2016-05-22

Or you could attach an airsoft gun to your bike and power that, it could help you win races ;)

Mrathweg (author)Jhakz2016-05-22

Or attach a paintball gun to you bike and use the pressure to shoot other bikers

seamster (author)2016-05-20

This looks well made, but I'm missing what you use the pressurized tank for once it is filled. Is there a specific function I've missed? I'm intrigued and curious! :)

Mrathweg (author)seamster2016-05-20

I'll add this in, but the joint in between the two tanks can be separated and used to fill up a presta valve.

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