Do you remember that good old board game operation ?
I do and its still as fun as it was when I was 8 years old. 

I really do have to give credit to a co-worker / friend for this idea. One day out of the blue he walked up to me with this horrible grin that he gets when he has an awesome idea, all he says to me is "Shockeration" then walks away. I sit there flabbergasted for about 10 minutes walk over to his desk and ask "What do you mean Shockeration?" he responds with "You know operation? Think operation that shocks you instead of lighting up the light!" And here is what materialized out of the horrible idea. 

There are videos of Shockeration on the last page! 

This project is dangerous, we have taken steps to ensure safety with this version of the game

Step 1: Materials / Tools Required


2 x AAA Batteries 
1 x Operation board game
1 x Camera Flash Circuit without capacitor 
1 x Assorted Wire
1 x Wrist Strap 
1 x Solder 
1 x Thread 
1 x Assorted Heat Shrink 
6 x Phillip's Screws 
5 inch solder-wick 


1 x Soldering Station
1 x Wire Cutter
1 x Utility Knife 
1 x Tweezers you don't care about 
1 x Phillip's Screwdriver

That's diabolical; I can't wait to see the results!
Yeah I cant wait to test it out tomorrow! Its going to be Amazing, I have a funny feeling its going to turn into a manly man contest.
lol... I'd kill you for doing this to me!!!! ;-D
nice, seems fairly simple and if you only use a standard camera flash charging circuit(no capacitor) it is also pretty safe.
Althoug I'd never have one of this, I liked so much the idea, and like to suggest an improvement if you admit: <br>You can take apart the tweezers using plastic bolt, nut and washer to fix it, and the wires of the circuit is soldered in each part of the insulated tweezers. So there's no need to use the wristle, the current will be even lower cause the circuit will be closed in your fingers and the shocked person won't throw you game away, and no one will notice that's a prank! Awesome!
I love it !!! <br>This sounds like a great idea!
I already know this project isn't for me, but in one of the videos your like &quot;don't use your other hand otherwise you will complete the circut&quot; which doesn't sound like a good thing... but you make no reference to this issue in the actual 'ble
On step two in the safety notes it explains why. I will expand on it a bit.
cool, it's still a family game, not enough current to hurt you unless your old,... if it were a real mans game their would be a picture of a women on the operation table, only be one hole &amp; you'd be using your tongue to remove the projectile.
There is little to no current on this because I have replaced the Photo flash 120uF cap with a 1nF cap. <br> <br>But thanks for the comment!
let the involuntary throwing of this board game commence :) <br>only a matter of time before someone jumps too hard.
Yeah its came close a couple of times. That the reason why I made my cable like 3 feet long. I'm hoping to win one of the UP contest 3d printers so that I can make replacement pieces for the game. I also want to make some Metal replacements just to make the game that much harder!
Awesome! The voltage from the camera flash scares me. I made one too, but was reluctant to encourage others to do the same. Mine uses a relay chattering to get the high voltage from the relay coil, and the contacts are on the tweezers. Heat shrink tubing insulates one side of the tweezers and then copper tape is put on the heat shrink.
That pretty cool, The voltage from the camera flash circuit seems huge but when you remove the large capacitor from the mix its harmless. Very little current is provided from the buck charge setup that camera flash circuits use.
LOL - human nature... <br> <br>If it were forced on us, it would be torture. <br> <br>If its voluntary - its a game and considered fun! <br> <br>Great concept! Too bad the light up nose is gone though - that's part of the fun. <br> <br>
I'm already working on a Version 2.0 that keeps the sounds and nose light up intact. <br>Thanks!
Feindish, and VERY COOL! I can see my self with a heart pacer and my son-in-law inviting me to play. Ah family drama-you've got to love it ;0) You are a brilliant inventor by the way.
Thank you for your kind words!
Manly Man! http://nsfw-comix.com/arch-mm.htm (Totally not safe for work.) <br>Imagine redoing the image of Manly Man as the patient on the table, for some subtle pre-loading if any competitive males play....
Those Comics are AWESOME. <br>That is a great idea!
Manly Man! http://nsfw-comix.com/arch-mm.htm (Totally not safe for work.)
Thanks for sharing.
Thank you !!!

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