Step 9: Sweep Some Mines

You're now ready to play! Simply plug the Arduino into you're computer, upload the code, run the processing script, and play! The game is a good recreation of original minesweeper, but does not have all the same features. Gameplay is essentially the same, so if you're good at minesweeper, you'll be good at this. You can time yourself using a stopwatch, although the shocking feature helps to improve accuracy, not speed.

Again use this at your own risk, but don't worry too much about getting shocked, it's less painful than you'd think (but still unpleasant).

Any questions, comment, or angry rants can go in the comments section, I'll get back to you pretty quickly. Have fun and happy sweeping!
<p><a href="http://howtoplayminesweeper.com/how-do-u-play-minesweeper" rel="nofollow">http://howtoplayminesweeper.com/how-do-u-play-mine...</a></p>
<p>Great fun for kids! =D</p><p>Congratulations!!</p>
Would it be possible to use this with other games, like for fps' to shock you when you get shot or die?
Yes, that would be possible. It would be a little more difficult, though.

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