Picture of Shoe Bench made with CNC Router and Laser
13 3:13 PM.jpg
13 2:32 PM.jpg
Here is a shoe storage bench for an entryway.  It was cut from 3/4, 1/2 and 1/8 inch plywood with a CNC router and laser cutter.

The goal of this design was a rigid, light  bench.  It must also be strong enough to stand on, and have  good ventilation properties for the shoes.  The person requesting the bench wanted the shoes to be concealed  from view when facing the back (this bench was not going to be placed against a wall.) 

This build was also an experiment using a combination of blind mortises and pocket screws for construction.

I made it at Techshop

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Step 1: Tools and materials


- CNC router
- Router bits ( 1/4 upcut, 1/4 downcut, 1/8 mortise) bit
- Pocket screw kit (jig, drill driver)
- Clothes iron (for edge banding)
- Edge band trimmer
- screwdriver (electric)
- 3 foot bar clamps (4)
- Paint brushes
- Finish sander


- 3/4 plywood (1/2 sheet with plenty of leftover)
- 1/2 plywood (1/4 sheet)
- 1/8 plywood (18x 24 inch)
-  veneer edge band (20 feet)
- wood glue
- pocket screws mostly 1 inch and some  1 1/4 inch
- 220/350 grit sandpaper
- furniture finish (I used water based polyurethane)
Great job! Looks good!
Love the design! Can't believe it's plywood - the finish is so nice!
What exactly are the dimensions fully assembled?
dogtooth (author)  Ironsloth19931 year ago
Dimensions in inches are approximately 18 height, 24 length, 13 width.
The design is wonderful - love the ventilation.