Do you have old shoes?
Do you not hate birds?

If you answered yes to both of the about questions please continue reading. If you answered no, eh you could peace out...or read...I don't know, I'm not good at writing intros.

This is my attempt at recycling shoes to become bins for screws, nails, and rocks, but with an unexpected outcome.

I bought these shoes in Cherokee for $8 because I shredded my pair of water shoes on the sharp rocks in the river. They served me well, but then my feet grew a lot.

Step 1: Get some shoes

Old, worn out, unfitting, or just straight-up unwanted shoes will do just fine.
Haha. Cute and clever but its a good thing that most birds have a lousy sense of smell. <br />
sure beats throwing them over a power line
&nbsp;I was thinking of filling shoes or boots with seeds and soil before throwing them over a power line.
I have actually seen a bird's nest inside a pair of shoes hanging on a powerline once.
THIS is why I love the internet. Brilliant! Simple but completely practical.<br />
I have to admit, thats creative as heck! I'm not sure any birds would want to come close to my shoes though... :)
Wow, I can't really think of a better way to use an old shoe. L

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Bio: Schools out, so I got nothing big to keep me busy. I'll prob'ly make some more instructables soon.
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