Shoe Piggy Bank


Introduction: Shoe Piggy Bank

If you are older then 5 years old there is a good chance you can do this. A Shoe Piggy Bank!

Step 1: Materials You Need

Now for this project you'll need a shoe box, scissors, and tape.(You don't need the tape its your option)

Step 2: Getting Started

Now we actually start the project. To do this, you need just the shoe box and the scissors. First, grab the scissors and make a hole. That's all. Easy. Very easy. Heck a 5-year old kid could do that.

Step 3: Almost Done

Now you don't need to do this but you can if you want. Put the tape on the front like in the picture.

Step 4: You're Done!

Great job! If you followed the instructions, it should look like the picture above. If you didn't, you are crazy. ( NOTE: I'm sorry I didn't use the box on the front page. I got the idea after I made the box on the front page.



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