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So I had an interview coming up and some black leather boots I wanted to wear, but lo they were scuffy and dusty. I don't really need to polish them that often and I really didn't want to buy a whole tin of polish that would take me years to use, inter this instructable.

Step 1: What you need

Picture of what you need
- candle wax
- oil (I used canola)
- a tin can
- heat source
- something to handle can with (I used my letherman)

- other waxy product. Balm, old chap stick, etc. (in my case I used badger balm)

Amounts are variable dependent on what you need
fauxmaven13 days ago

Can you tell me how to make colored shoe polish? I need some bubble gum pink!

Morrighan5 years ago
Good info... I have to try it because my boots are always wet when it rains...

I like your boots!! :D
tinkerhomecraft (author)  Morrighan5 years ago
 Thanks!  I liked your badge recycling post.
KD7CAO5 years ago
Thanks for the info! Just bought commercial grade Saddle Soap and Boot Cream to do up my Danners they are looking a bit scuffed! Have to remember this for next time!
Switch out the canola oil for linseed oil from your local hardware store & make sure you're using beeswax, and you basically have an old blacksmiths' recipe for paste wax.

I do reproduction leather work for a living, and that's what I use to finish my products rather than a commercial acrylic sealer. I also use it for my woodworking, for some of my blacksmithing projects, and to protect my wooden cutting board in the kitchen.
 Thanks for the good info.