Shoe Shelf With Seating





Introduction: Shoe Shelf With Seating

we have two kind of motivation for a new shoe shelf:

-we don't have shelf for long boots,

-we have little space at entrance to organize shoe and wearing shoes

so we made shoe shelf for our needs.

Step 1: Materials

- 30x120x2 cm wood plate for top

- 3x3x100 cm square wood bar for legs

- 3x3 cm triangle wood profiles at different length for support

- wood pins for joints

- excessive laminant parquets for shelfs and support

Step 2:

cut the square profiles into two piece.

we choose height as 50cm. you can change according to your boots or comfortable sitting position height.

we will place legs sides and middle of the shelf.

joints between leg and top plate is wood pins. 1cm height holes at legs and top plate will be sufficient for pins. glue some triangle wood profiles to the end of legs. this triangles will be support for structure and shelves.

Step 3:

at the each corner glue triangle profiles and at the back sides glue ribs for structural integrity.

at the bottom we nail a long laminant parquet for structural integrity.

at left side we glued cross rib

as a summary where ever you want to strength your structure add supportive parts.

Step 4: Result

one side for long boots, one side for shoes.

you can sit top of it.

Step 5:



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    3 years ago

    Thank you

    I like this project for its low cost and time effort to serviceability.

    Well done! Thanks.