Shoe Tying


Introduction: Shoe Tying

Step 1: Step One

Start by leaving laces apart from each other.

Step 2: Step Two

Weave laces through each other as though starting a square not.

Step 3: Step Three

Make a bunny ear with on of the laces.

Step 4: Step Four

Use remaining lace to wrap around the looped lace.

Step 5: Step Five

Take the wrapped lace in hand and slip through the gap made by the lace in hand.

Step 6: Step Six

Finally pull both newly made loops tight and adjust as needed.

Step 7: Step Seven

Enjoy your classically tied shoe.



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    Well, mitsuki999-chan, which instructable has more views, how to tie a shoe... Or on how to draw anime pictures.

    Maybe, like me, redbadger just happened upon this tutorial while looking for ways to change up shoes

    I'm sorry for the inconvenience but I'm left wondering why you even looked up how to tie your own shoe.

    Why do we need instructions for this what an age we live in when you feel there's instructions are needed