This weekends project my very own handmade shoe organizer. My very own handmade shoe organizer! This idea/design is not that new but what's new is that I made it with scrap.  

Materials I used:

1. Basic model sewing machine.
2. Bamboo. (collected from a construction site) 
3. Jute thread. 
4. Different colors cotton thread.
5. Old shredded cotton tops.
6. Old curtain.
7. Scissors.

Step 1: Step 1: Taking the Measurements.

Measure the length and width of your shoe. Added four to five inches extra to the width and one inch extra to the length.
Example:  a. The approximate measurement of my stiletto came to - Length=8, width=4. (This is because my shoe size is very small)
                   b. By adding the extra inches now the measurements are - Length=9, Width=8.

The height is not necessary because the extra inches we add will help in adding volume to the pockets for the shoe to fit in.
That's great! I really like the shoe drawings on the pockets. :)
Thank you Jessyratfink. :)

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