This is called "Shoe shine" but I call it Polishing your Boots. But that's just because I'm an equestrian.

Step 1: Materials

The stuff that you need!

Materials needed:

1. Shoes or boots to be shined/polished
2. Two clean rags or cloths. (The second for the creme.)
3. Boot brush
4. Polish brush
5. Shoe polish in a color that corresponds with the shoes that you are polishing; either the kind that comes in a little block in a tin or the kind that is creme. The kind in a tube is pretty self-explanatory.

could you post a picture of the toe to see how shiny it really is?
To keep my hands clean, I either use a pair of rubber gloves or a plastic grocery store bag. I also finish up with a conditioner/waterproof paste and buff with a soft cloth.

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