Recently, I viewed the movie Wall-E. It was pretty awesome. I was inspired by the boot plant in the film, and decided to make my own.

So here's a little recycling job I did with some old shoes. The shoes were old and smelly, but I thought they looked nice. So I decided to go green double-time by planting flowers in them.

  • Old shoes
  • Dirt
  • Small stones / Pebbles
  • Seeds
  • Drill

Step 1: Shoes

Grab your shoes. Now we want to have drainage, so get your drill and a good sized bit. Drill holes in the bottom of the shoe through the rubber. Don't make too many or too little, but a good number.

Now, grab the pebbles. Place them in the bottom of the shoe before putting in firt for even more drainage.

Step 2: Dirt & Seeds

Slap in some good soil and then plant some seeds as you would normally. Enjoy your shoe flowers, and don't forget to water!

Step 3: Admire

Keep track and good care of your shoes, making sure they get water and sun. Take them to the park and walk them around. Play catch. Tell them a bedtime story (it helps).

Step 4: Flowering!

Here's an update on how the flowers are doing. In one show, there is a lot of growth! I can't wait to see more! The other one is coming along...
<p>How sweet!</p>
<p>Pretty unique idea! Would look great in my garden.</p>
Ignore the naysayers... I think this is a great idea... there are so many single shoes on the side of the road... use them if your too ethical to use an old worn out pair of your own<br><br>Welldone on an AWESOME instructable :D I think I'm going to have a go of this myself<br><br>One of my coveted high fives for you<br><br>
Touch&eacute; Ole-Grizzly. Thank you for pointing that out. I originally did think it was also a pretty cool idea, but you are right, giving your shoes away to a organisation or an opp shop is the better idea. Unless you have shoes that are beyond wearing....
I don't like this much. there are millions of people world wide that don't have shoes. In ethiopia alone there are 1 million people suffering from podoconiosis. Thats a soil transmitted diseased caused from walking barefoot in silica rich soils. The feet and lower legs swell. Sores and infections set in and is often fatal. They don't have a choice but to walk barefoot, but there are organizations that give donated shoes to those who need them. Someone's going barefoot, and potentially dieing because you wanted a shabby chic, clever for clever's sake plant container. Sorry if that's abrasive, but I don't like waste. You calling this 'green' and 'recycled' dejects me.
You can add perennial plants like a Christmas cactus, viola, fever few or maybe something more advanced like hyacinth bulbs.Thanks for the idea. :D I also seen Wall-e and was intrigued by the boot plant.
Great idea! Let me know if you try it out - I know I'll have to!
Ahhhh...<br/><br/><sub>Don't forget to add step 4 when they start to grow, and step 5 when they flower.</sub><br/>
I've [finally] updated the Instructable with photos for your viewing pleasure!
That looks really good. Imagine sneaking these into the racks outside a posh shoe-shop...
Thanks Kiteman! Maybe we could use your idea in an upcoming April Fool's contest? :D
I'm going to upload pics today! I had this waiting in my unpublished, so I decided to get it out there... But now my shoes are flowering! :D I'll reply again when they're up. Thanks for the input Kiteman.
LOL! Great instructable!
Thank you! Please give your input and rate the Instructable [if you haven't already]!
Okay, I rated it 5 stars... Are you now happy?
Yes. Thank you.
No problem!

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