Introduction: Shoeflower!

Recently, I viewed the movie Wall-E. It was pretty awesome. I was inspired by the boot plant in the film, and decided to make my own.

So here's a little recycling job I did with some old shoes. The shoes were old and smelly, but I thought they looked nice. So I decided to go green double-time by planting flowers in them.

  • Old shoes
  • Dirt
  • Small stones / Pebbles
  • Seeds
  • Drill

Step 1: Shoes

Grab your shoes. Now we want to have drainage, so get your drill and a good sized bit. Drill holes in the bottom of the shoe through the rubber. Don't make too many or too little, but a good number.

Now, grab the pebbles. Place them in the bottom of the shoe before putting in firt for even more drainage.

Step 2: Dirt & Seeds

Slap in some good soil and then plant some seeds as you would normally. Enjoy your shoe flowers, and don't forget to water!

Step 3: Admire

Keep track and good care of your shoes, making sure they get water and sun. Take them to the park and walk them around. Play catch. Tell them a bedtime story (it helps).

Step 4: Flowering!

Here's an update on how the flowers are doing. In one show, there is a lot of growth! I can't wait to see more! The other one is coming along...



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    How sweet!

    Pretty unique idea! Would look great in my garden.

    Ignore the naysayers... I think this is a great idea... there are so many single shoes on the side of the road... use them if your too ethical to use an old worn out pair of your own

    Welldone on an AWESOME instructable :D I think I'm going to have a go of this myself

    One of my coveted high fives for you


    Touché Ole-Grizzly. Thank you for pointing that out. I originally did think it was also a pretty cool idea, but you are right, giving your shoes away to a organisation or an opp shop is the better idea. Unless you have shoes that are beyond wearing....

    I don't like this much. there are millions of people world wide that don't have shoes. In ethiopia alone there are 1 million people suffering from podoconiosis. Thats a soil transmitted diseased caused from walking barefoot in silica rich soils. The feet and lower legs swell. Sores and infections set in and is often fatal. They don't have a choice but to walk barefoot, but there are organizations that give donated shoes to those who need them. Someone's going barefoot, and potentially dieing because you wanted a shabby chic, clever for clever's sake plant container. Sorry if that's abrasive, but I don't like waste. You calling this 'green' and 'recycled' dejects me.

    You can add perennial plants like a Christmas cactus, viola, fever few or maybe something more advanced like hyacinth bulbs.Thanks for the idea. :D I also seen Wall-e and was intrigued by the boot plant.

    Great idea! Let me know if you try it out - I know I'll have to!


    Don't forget to add step 4 when they start to grow, and step 5 when they flower.

    I've [finally] updated the Instructable with photos for your viewing pleasure!

    That looks really good. Imagine sneaking these into the racks outside a posh shoe-shop...