Picture of Shoelace Repair
Don't you hate when the aglets(tips) of your shoelaces crack off, leaving them to fray?
This can be fixed simply and easily.
Edit- apparently noahw beat me to it! I thought of this myself but I found he posted the same thing in December after someone pointed it out.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
All you need is some heat-shrink tubing and a heatsource. I used a lighter. As far as heatshrink tubing goes, you can get a pack with 1/16, 1/8, and 1/4inch diameter tubing in red, white, blue, and transparent for $2.99 at Radio Shack. I used 1/8 because it fit perfect.
deepcore5 years ago
I tried the shrinktube method some time ago, and the problem is that after a short while they fell off. It works better if you place a little glue on the shoelace first :)
Musicman415 years ago
couldn't you just replace the shoelace with new one or one from an old pair of shoes?
Another tip for laces (pun intended), whether cotton or synthetic: waterproof them. I hate soggy laces! Get a bottle of any type of Nikwax (which is the best thing for your shoes anyway) & spray a bit in the cap. Coil the laces & mash them around in the cap until saturated & allow to dry. They'll last a lot longer this way & you won't have to get your hands as slimy when you re-tie them in the rain.
Too much work, just wet about 3/4" of shoe lace in superglue and by the time you get both shoes on it's dry and hard. Although the many colors of heat shrink sure would be more snazzy
mje8 years ago
I've seen a shoelace kit sold at REI that consisted of some pieces of 1/8" cord and half-inch pieces of heat shrink tubing.
LasVegas8 years ago
Wasn't this just posted recently?
BuilderboY (author) 8 years ago
Thats a good idea too! Actually, they go through fairly well, especially considering that it is near impossible when the end is all frayed and the hole is tiny.
theRIAA8 years ago
i just replace my shoe laces with black paracord and melt the tips to a point. seems like the rubbery heat shrink wouldn't go through the holes to well?