Picture of Piggys!
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Ok so you think this is going to be about pigs some how. Well your wrong. It is about getting of you phone, tablet, computer or what ever.
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Step 1: See Nature

Picture of See Nature
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14, 7:44 AM.jpg
Go outside!! Be free! Be amazing and go outside.

Step 2: See Pretty Things!

Picture of See Pretty Things!
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14, 8:21 PM.jpg
14, 8:21 PM.jpg
14, 8:21 PM.jpg
Awesome things are all around! This Mose in the picture nobody noticed until it stood up! Don't be that person.

Step 3: See Cute Animals

They are so cute!!

Step 4: See Weird Things

Picture of See Weird Things
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14, 8:22 PM.jpg
14, 8:22 PM.jpg

Step 5: Go Ski Or Something

Picture of Go Ski Or Something
So fun!

Step 6: Happy!

Picture of Happy!
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Congrats! Now you can get off the thing in front of you right now and be happy!

Step 7: Done

Picture of Done
Now you can play minecraft to your hearts content.

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- fishyfish123