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This is an easy way to make a shofar horn that actually works. To hear the sound of the cardboard shofar, go here:

All you need are:
Hot glue and gun
Thin cardboard

Step 1: Open the Box

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Take a large box and open the box at the seam.

Step 2: Measure and Draw

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Once the box is fully opened draw a diagonal line across. Then make the next line one quarter apart at the top and the quarters apart at the bottom. Cut just inside the line so the poem doesn't show. The cutout peeve will look like a tie shape.

Step 3: Curling

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First you will need to use the marker and press down on the cardboard as though you are curling a ribbon. This prepares it to be curled into shape.

Step 4: Curling Part 2

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Now take the market and curl the cardboard around it. A nice thick market like a highlighter will work just fine.

Step 5: Making the Shape

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Stretch out the curled cardboard to the shape of the shofar that you would like. *Note the more curved you make the horn, the higher the pitch and the more elongated you make it the lower the pitch. I'm much more fond of the lower pitch.

It is very important to make the mouth piece 1/2 inch inner diameter or you will not be able to blow to make a sound. Also, as you wrap around and glue, you want to make sure that you make pentagon shapes between each wrap around in order for it to curve. It will need some curvature in order to play properly. Please look at the pictures carefully to better see how to glue the shofar together.

Step 6: Cleaning It Up

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Any glue that is sticking out can be simply melted with the tip of the hot glue gun and smeared flat. This gives it a better overall appearance.

Step 7: Sealing the Mouthpiece

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This step is one that should not be skipped if you want to be able to use your shofar longer than a week. Add glue to the inside and outside of the mouthpiece and smear it all around. This will seal the cardboard from any water/spit damage.

Step 8: Add Decorations and Enjoy

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Use the hot glue to add a menorah or any other decoration you like. I like to keep mine the brown color to keep it more organic, but feel free to add color too. Outer decorations do not affect the sound of the shofar.

Now your ready for Yom Teruah!


nancyjohns (author)2016-09-09

I had to make a gif of it.

nancyjohns (author)nancyjohns2016-09-09

Oops. Looks like gif don't work here. Here's a link:

ClenseYourPallet (author)2016-08-29

I clicked because of the picture... Holy cuteness

Thank you. I'm pretty fond of my little ones :)

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-08-28

Fun craft project. I am going to have to try this with my kids.

I'd love to see your pictures when they are completed. My children love them :)

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