This is a continuation on my original 'ible, "Make a Shogi Set in about an hour using recycled materials," only, in this instructable, I will detail how I made the decorative flags that go in the back of the cardboard pieces, just to make the different armies stand out.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
-Markers (2 will be fine. Sharpie is suggested.)
-tape (I suggest painter's tape, since marker doesn't wipe off of it. Will be used to put the flags on the posts.)
-index cards (used to make the flags)
-20 small paperclips (To make flag posts)
As good as this is written and design, I will have to say I am against it, except for the king piece - because not only can you use captured shogi piece as your own, but you can flip it aroudn to &quot;promote&quot; the piece. Therefore, these flag will hinder the game.<br><br>That beign said, if somehow you are playing the ruleset with no reuse of capture piece and no promotion, this is a good instructable.
I actually have the flags only taped on, that way you can remove the flags and flip the pieces over. I also figured you could make a separate set for the captured pieces, to represent a &quot;mercenary&quot; army. I personally use only red and black, leaving captured pieces without flags.
on the last step, you could also tape the &quot;L&quot; portion to the top of the piece, as long as you can still read the pieces..

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