Step 11: Installation

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My house doesn't have a straight wall in it - and my closets were no exception.  I was forced to build a valence around the doors to ensure that the frames were visually the same width all the way around - this added another day and a half to the project.  Hopefully, your house is square and plumb, and you won't have to do anything like what I had to do.

I wanted to point out that I would *highly* recommend getting all the hardware adjusted and set up before installing the paper.  It's so nice to be able to reach through the doors when you're setting them up - not to mention not having to worry about damaging the paper.  Once they're in and working smoothly, you can just snap them out, install the paper, and reinstall them.

I also installed lights into all of my closets (I hate dark closets) and the shoji make a pretty sweet nightlight if you're into that kind of thing :)

I hope you enjoyed this instructable! 
I have read this instructable many times trying to work up the nerve to do it. Love the project and think it is beautiful. Enjoy your very complete instructions. Thanks for sharing.
Duane Thompson
Love, love, love it! And I thought my stinky dirty rough old louvered doors were the worst - you win. Please come to my house and make them for me! Pleeeeeeeeease -
lyssums3273 years ago
I really want to do this for my room that connects to the living room! Only problem I wouldn't know how to make it look nice on both sides of the room. Like how it looks on the outside of your here.
jwilliamsen (author)  lyssums3273 years ago
Traditional Shoji usually only look "good" on one side. What you would do to make it look nice on both sides is essentially make two identical screens and put them back to back (with paper only on one of the "halves"). The important thing is that your lattices are either perfectly symmetrical or mirrored so that when you place them back to back the Kumiko on one panel line up with the Kumiko of the other panel .

You'd probably want to make your frames around half as thick - maybe a little thicker depending on how you plan to install them (fixed screens could be thinner than a panel that was going to be manipulated).

Good luck :)
Thank you so much! I will See what I could do.
Thanks so much! I will attempt this very soon for my closet and also to use as a means to hide too many doors. I want to use two in a corner to make it look like one large opening is behind the doors when in actuality, there's two doors behind them. LOL..there's three doors in my bedroom. Thanks!
wobbler4 years ago
VERY NICE! How bout we skip all those steps and you build a few more sets! I know I would buy them! Great job!
SolidVapor4 years ago
Looks great!
Scarito4 years ago
I really love your project, it helps me to made my own sliding doors for my master bedroom and also one of the walls, now it looks more beautiful, and thanks to your project I was able to give a very beautiful touch to my master bedroom
chibimaddy4 years ago
That is so gorgeous! I'd love to have something like that in my house. You did a fabulous job! Thank you for sharing you process.
DAYJAY4 years ago
Beautiful job. Excellent instructions. Like reading a really well written and photographed story. Great sense of humor... heh, heh... night light.
neonack4 years ago
Actually redoing my closet in my house but I made my designs for my shoji door. However you really did you're really nicely. Love how it came out and thanks for the awesome instructable!
Catisfixing4 years ago
Well done :D
jbpitcher4 years ago
Beautiful. Nice job