This Instructable details the making of a Shoji style solar lamp. A scan of the garage revealed everything I needed to make a solar version. This instructable has been entered into the Lamps and Lighting Contest - your vote will be a huge help.

The lighting module is re-used from a solar pathway light, the frame is made from 5mm (~1/4") Luan plywood that I had left over from a cabinet project and the translucent panels are remnants of plexiglass dating back to an even older cabinet project. 

Pathway lights have an amazing collection of parts and the cost is really low. If you tried to buy all the parts individually, you would end up paying significantly more for the solar cell, rechargeable battery, LED and charge controller components. 

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

I avoided the CNC for this project as it has become the hammer for every nail I see. But, the tools I used are still a bit overkill for a simple project such as this. Everything was done freehand - no drawings - no plan - just a set of loosely coupled thoughts on what I wanted it to look like based on the materials on hand and a couple of late breaking changes to adjust the look toward the end.
  • For supplies, a 16" x 16" Luan plywood board was ripped down for the framing components and end caps.
  • Elmer wood glue for keeping it all together
  • Solar Pathway Light
  • Measuring devices (measuring tape, long ruler etc... anything that you are comfortable using.
  • Blue painters tape to hold stuff together while glue dries
  • 0.5" wood chisel and hammer.
  • 3/4" Spade bit and electric drill
  • Mitre Saw for cutting the strips to length
  • Table Saw for ripping the sheet of ply into strips and for top and bottom panels
  • Soldering Iron for adding the relay to enable/disable the lamp
  • Magnetic Relay and magnet - Cherry MP201801 or any other magnetic relay
  • Welder contact adhesive to glue the translucent panels in place
  • 1/16" Plexiglass for translucent panels

<p>Very nice... I had a similar (but much simpler) idea, in a paper-lantern type style and using bamboo... if I get round to making it, I'll post a picture here, and maybe do an instructable</p>
<p>You could add aluminum foil to the bottom to help the bottom illuminate better and not see the peg. </p>
<p>Oh men, it's just great! I really like the simplicity and the aesthetic of this. <br>I will try to make it. Congrats!</p>
I love the simplicity of it! Congrats on being a finalist!
beautiful and elegant, love it.
This is beautiful and gives off such a nice soft glow :)
Thanks, it's my daughter's new favorite mood lamp
that looks GREAT ! I find solar lights while curb mining all the time, it's amazing how many only need a cleaning and maybe a battery charge, I hang them in trees, stick them in planters etc

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