Step 2: Step Two: Make the frame

Now comes the fun part. The Kreg Jig I mentioned in the intro is invaluable to this instructable. The kit cost around $30 if memory serves correctly and is simple enough for a child to use (if you let children use power tools). The jig includes everything you need except for the clamp. It also includes the screws but you will probably need to buy more. They have a special head on them for use with the driver attachment included with the jig. I won't give a step by step on how to use it but the pictures are pretty self-explanatory.

When you construct the frame, its best not to do it on the floor as I did. The reason is because the clamp will raise up the pieces when you drill them together and you will end up with a frame that is warped.

ALSO NOT PICTURED BUT VERY IMPORTANT!!! Square up your sides with a carpenter square and check it after you screw the pieces together to keep it square!!
Athena20603 years ago
Harbor Freight or other big boxes have some cool clamps that are a real help holding things in a 90 degree angle, this becomes especially important if you don't have that extra set of hands to hold something while you screw it together. I had throught of this same thing except clear plastic to give it a french door look. Part of my porch was enclosed but not insulated, I use it for litterboxes and want to put in a door that still lets the light through from the window but keeps a little more of the cold and smell out. Thought is to leave one of the bottom squares open as a cat door.