Shoot the Rainbow: Skittles Vodka


Step 4: Filtration

Picture of Filtration
Once all the skittles have mostly dissolved in each bottle, it's time to filter out all the extra leftover ingredients that we don't want in our finished product.

The original method that we used for this was to run the liquid through a filter made of several layers of paper towels pushed down into a strainer.  As several commenters pointed out, it is likely that coffee filter might be a better solution than the paper towels.  We haven't tried this ourselves, but it sounds quite reasonable and we see no reason why you shouldn't try it.

It will take some time to get all the liquid through the filter -- be patient.   The stuff left in the filter will be pretty gross.  We couldn't think of a good use for it, so we chucked it in the garbage.
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Rhinomods7 years ago
This white stuff, is actually gelatin. ( Also known as cow bone) So vegans skittles are not a way out for you...
It's not exactly cow bone, it is derived from collagen, which can be found in bones, cartlidge, tendons, ligament, and skin. Most gelatin now-a-days is produced form pig skin. Just throwing out that bit of info. You're right though, it's not a very vegan friendly by-product.
Here's a thought. Everyone knows that a cow is tasty treat. Now, if you get one of those fancy grass fed cows from the Midwest, they are supposed to be super tasty, right? Now, with the same logic, that would make vegans super tasty compared to us meat eatin folks.... Moral of the story? IF YOU'RE GONNA GET STRANDED ON CANNABIL ISLAND, MAKE SURE YOU BRING A VEGAN!
Actually, just so you know, the most tasty cows in the world are Kobe' beef cows from Asia. They are grain-fed and also allowed to drink beer, as well as being hand-massaged by human workers, daily. They are the only cows in the world that actually play with each other when they're in the field, rather than grazing. Kobe' beef is vegan-beef, and holy-$hit is it amazing.
yes, so if we are deserted on an island together, please remember to bring the beer and be ready to massage.

Best comment/reply I've ever received. :)

teknojo3 years ago
Filtering is a b*****!

Intend to try this next time:

Initial mixing will be done in an glass icetea jug. The kind with a spigot at the base. This will allow draining while leaving the "scum" at the top.

Secondary filter will be coffee filters or paper towels in a strainer.

Last filter will be cheese clothe.

This concoction tastes awesome!

mixtlupus5 years ago
In Europe, skittles no longer contain Gelatin but do contain the colouring E120, (cochineal) and the shellac which are both derived from Insects...

Details can be found here: http://profiles.friendster.com/97474504
Reference: Me being Vegan for 21 Years ;)
bigbud25 years ago
coffee filters work good to
smart88065 years ago
well actually skittles are vegan and vegetarian safe now. so skittle vodka for all :)
gello1016 years ago
I just did this project. Paper towels and coffee filters were wasting way too much of the vodka. I finally tried cheese cloth.... worked so well!