Step 5: End Result

Picture of End Result
You should end up with five bottles of relatively clear liquid. The purple will probably stay pretty opaque. The red, orange, and yellow will be pretty see-through. Green will most likely be in-between the two extremes.

There were some commenters who noticed problems with long-term storage of the purple variety -- they reported that over a period of days the purple color broke into a red with some blue mixed in.  We didn't store our finished product for more than a day, so we can't speak to their experience, however, we don't think it's all that strange a result.  The purple bottle was much cloudier than the others and we're sure they had to mix red and blue dyes to get that color to happen in the first place.  You may want to drink this bottle quickly, rather than storing it long-term.  (We liked the purple flavor a lot, so we didn't have any left after our tasting.)

So, how does it taste? We found that we liked the green flavor best of the lot -- it was probably the closest to the original skittle flavor and it mixed well with the vodka.  Purple was a definite runner-up in the flavor contest.  We didn't have any of these two bottles left after our tasting party.

Red tasted like cough syrup, which is pretty reasonable since it's a cherry + alcohol mix.  Not our favorite, but if you like cough syrup taste, this is your winner.

Orange and yellow were definitely pleasant, without the cough syrup taste of the red.

hvansick3 years ago
Has anyone else had the problem of the purple vodka turning red? We did this and put them in mason jars to store until drinking, but the once vibrant purple is now a slightly blue-tinged red, almost identical to the red flavor. They are hard enough to tell apart that we had to label them. This is after 5 days of storage in a dimly-lit pantry.
applesticker (author)  hvansick3 years ago
I didn't have this happen during my process, but I served the bottles at a party soon after I finished them, so they didn't have a long time to sit.

I'm not sure why this happened -- my only guess is that the blue part of the dye broke down faster than the red.
zoombaga4 years ago
I know a pretty good lychee martini recipe but unfortunately i just kinda go with the flow and i haven't really written down any measurements. it goes like this: get some canned lychee fruits and a whole pineapple( you can use canned if you want) some sugar and vodka ( i used ketel one but you can use whatever) fill some kind of jar or wide mouth bottle with lychees and pineapple then fill it in with vodka and let it sit for around 3 days once thats done you pour some of that in a shaker along with some of the canned lychee juice and sugar to taste shake it until cold and pour in a glass with a whole lychee fruit. unfortunately i'm only 15 so it's not entirely legal for me to drink this but hypothetically, if i did drink it, i would like it a lot ;)
what about using a clean never been worn knee high stocking over a strainer to filter??
I don't imagine that being very effective in straining anything. Just use the cheesecloth.
Pyrosite5 years ago
bet this would be great with some "Crazy Core", Skittles.
dusneed6 years ago
You if you had a Brita style filter, you could have pre-filtered the vodka. It might have changed the end result with cheaper vodka.
that does not work at all ive tried and it tastes exactly the same. doesnt make it a higher quality vodka
I have the GK3 from liqourfilter.com and it does take the bite out of that mid-range 14 dollar a liter vodka...
w85volvo6 years ago
one of the reasons the finished product may taste kinda gnarly is the use of paper towels. i know using ordinary white(bleached) paper towels results in a mediciney/gross flavor most of the time, with any liquid. i'd say maybe using a coffee filter, or maybe even just unbleached p.t. might help out the flavor. hopefully someday soon i will try this out and let you know!
could you try several layers of cheese clothe instead of paper?
I used cheesecloth and highly recommend it to others trying this. The (unbleached) coffee filter didn't work very well at all.