Apparently this type of sandwich was made for the posh folk when they went out on shooting (or hunting) trips as it travels well and probably improved even more after being squashed in someone's saddle bag!  Alas I have no shooting trips planned but have got the week off work so what better time to make it?!

Be warned - although this is a very simple sandwich, it does take a while to prep and is best left pressing for at least 5 hours!

Step 1:

To begin with you need to make the mushroom mixture - I used half chestnut mushrooms and half white closed cup mushrooms, about 14 medium sized mushrooms in total.

Finely dice the mushrooms.
<p>this looks delicous!</p><p>I can't wait to make my own!</p>
Thanks for sharing, looks delicious!
<p>Step 5a:<br>Save out one small steak to eat while you wait for the pressing to be done. </p><p>Could take out the bread center in biggish pieces to toast/grill and make appetizers with the extra steak. <br><br>Just a thought.</p>
<p>Made this and it is delicious, i did refrigerate it with the weights on it and i loved it. </p>
Glad you liked it! I've seen other versions with other types if meat as well - chicken breasts, sausages, salamis, etc
<p>Need I say...refrigerate the sandwich (with the weights on it)? </p>
<p>i wonder if you do need to or not, as steak is beef it is not so bad to leave out but hmmm, it is in a sealed container and it would probably change the taste if left in fridge.</p>
Meat starts breaking down after 2 hours even if cooked. It's called salmonella. Please, please check this out before making and eating.
I've made it many many times and never had any problems but if you were worried you could press it while it's in the fridge!
and do you need to refrigerate it?
would you mind adding an ingredient list?
This sounds absolutely fab!
My archery competitions will never be the same again! Great idea.
Going to make this with Mexican bolillo. mmmm
I like this with hot pepper jam. A nice sweet hot.
<p>Compressed Heaven. Looks awesome. </p>
<p>Ha, I thought that tub of mushrooms was a tub of diced bacon. I think this is a fine variant of Beef Wellington. The mushroom preparation is called duxelles. Yum.</p>
Aww, man!!! It's almost 10:00 pm and I'm in bed reading this, so now I want to get up and do this. Oh, well. Not tonight. It looks and sounds great, though. I will do some of these for lunch next week however. Thank you.
The main problem I see with this is Step 8. There is no way I can wait 5+ hours for a sammich that looks (and no doubt smells) that awesome.
Agreed! I usually go and look at it at least a few times an hour!

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