Introduction: Shooting Stick

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For this project I used a 5 section elasticated tent pole.
The Velcro straps were taken from an old pair of knee pads.
The rubber end caps from drill tubes.

Step 1: The Build

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It didn't take much to make this, all you need is.
1 x 5 section tent pole
1 x roll of duct tape
1 x 18" inches of  Para-cord
2 x Velcro straps
6 x rubber end caps
Some Green and Black paint if desired.

Step 2: The Bits

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Remove one section of the tent pole and cut this in half.
Use the metal pole joints on the cut legs as these will become extensions
for the shooting stick, when you spread it to a wide angle stance.

Step 3: The Joints

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Pull the poles apart by about 6 inches and use duct tape to hold the elastic tight .
Push the end caps on to the poles.
Using the Para-Cord make a cradle with a Cobra stitch.
I also used some acrylic paint to Camo the Stick.

Step 4: The Result

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Now you have a stable platform for your Airsoft targeting range.


BARKing (author)2013-12-02

Nice solid build. Loudest is not always the smartest.

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