Introduction: Shop Apron From Ruined Shorts.

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While going through some pants to turn into patches. I came across a pair of shorts that had a unfortunate blow out in the butticular area.

I started off going to cutting them up into a Daisy Dukes thong jock strap for shear comedic value. But then inspration got in the way and what was going to be a joke turned into an apron to hold fasteners in the workshop.

Tools needed
Sewing Machine

Jean Shorts

Please excuse any typos as this is my first time posting with the phone app.

Step 1: Cutting the Shorts

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I started by cutting the side seams up to the waist band. the key is to leave the finished edge on the front half that will be joined.

I then cut the inner seam all the way to the zipper and followed along the waist band in the rear to remove the back pockets and the ripped material. Take care not to cut through the pockets as they are going to be relocated to the front.

Trim around the pockets to ensure that there is a nice finished edge that will not fray.

Step 2: Assembly

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Begin by folding the apron in half and align the front edge so that it will line up straight when the new seam is sewn. I ran a straight line up the center to join the two leg fronts into one apron. Then I trimmed off the extra material to remove bulk from the seam.

After the apron has been joined it is time to lay out the pockets and attach the hammer loop and t square pocket.

I started with the square pouch by lining it up with the bottom and left edge of the apron. I did not sew along the bottom edge ao that a longer square would be able to stick out of the bottom. I then ran a wide stich between the original decorative double seam stiches. With several reversals to reenforce the corners

After the one pocket was on I eyeballed the second pocket and started by attaching the hammer loop to the right seam. I then attached this pocket the same as the left side pocket.


AnnabellaMarie (author)2015-07-28

This is such an awesome idea! And it gave me some great ideas! I've lost 86 lbs over the past 2 years and I have lots of HUGE pants to work with! Thank you for the post!

ArticAkita (author)2015-07-28

Cool instructable! giving me ideas about the mountain of blown out & worn out jeans my boyfriend has!

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