Picture of Shop Bot Headboard
I needed a new headboard, but wasn't able to find one that I really liked and I had a very specific size that I wanted.  Using TechShop Detroit and the shopbot in their woodshop, I was able to design and cut out a headboard from 1/2" plywood that I really like.  (If you are unfamiliar with a shopbot, it is a CNC router that cuts and carves based on a computer file)  My thanks go out to Sara and Scott at TechShop for helping me with this.  Sara was instrumental in the design phase and Scott went above and beyond to walk me through the shopbot to make sure I didn't make any mistakes.  http://www.techshop.ws

As a side note, I cannot say how much I love tech shop.  If you are unfamiliar with it, it is a workshop with the tools and machinery to allow you to build pretty much anything.  They have several locations throughout the country, but I am fortunate enough to belong to the one in Detroit.  Using TechShop, I was able to take a $40 sheet of plywood and turn it into a headboard to my exact specifications.  Their staff is super helpful and guided me through the entire process.  If you have the chance, I highly recommend you at least go in for a tour...its free and you wont regret it.  (Im not paid or compensated in any way by TechShop to say this, I just know that I would want to know about a place this cool)
lime3D2 years ago
Next time, try using a round-over router bit, after the cuts. You can use the same V-Carve cutter path.
kdczen2 years ago
Just realized a machine did this. really nice
kdczen2 years ago
So what type of jig did you use? Am assuming you used half-lap joints for the headboard. Have tried to made this lattice pattern for a gate and ended being a little off on the half laps
togo19192 years ago

Very Cool!
SchweezyRider (author) 2 years ago
About 2 hours. Sanding each hole took about 1.
How long did it take to chisel and route each hole?