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Introduction: Shop Cheats: Hook and Eye Driver

I find projects everywhere I go. Recently I was visiting a friend and wound up helping him with a few projects around the house. And thanks to this little Shop Cheat we were able to save a little time and effort.

If you have ever had to use hook or eye fasteners, you understand how little fun they are to turn. But no longer will you loath these hardware pieces. In fact you may even look forward to use them! And all you need is some sort of power drill and a bent arm Allen/hex wrench.

All you need to do is chuck the Allen/hex wrench in the drill and sort of hook it into the hook or eye that you want to turn. Start the fastener by hand, about the time you get fed up is all the more you want. Then get a good bite on it with you improvised driver (it's one of those things that you can only do by feel) and SLOWLYpower up the drill. Then all you have to do is decide when to stop.

Step 1: Some Final Thoughts

  • As you can see it the second video hooks can be a little tricky. I was rushing a little bit, but there is a bit of a trick to it.
  • One other thought is that if you had extra hook screws laying around you could use one as a driver too.
  • I only used hook and eye screws here but this trick will also work with hook and eye bolts.
  • Finally I need to give credit where credit is due. I learned of this cheat from the "Home Shop Machinist" e-mail newsletter.



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    I've used a hook to drive another hook in the past, I personally use a tent peg because they aren't threaded usually and fit in the chuck quite well. It's also really handy to do this with a scissor jack on a car. I keep a drill and a tent peg in my trunk because you can lift your car in about 5 seconds flat effortlessly this way.

    I really like the powered scissor jack idea. Might be something I have to do for myself.

    Yeah it's way faster than my hydraulic jack plus it weighs a fraction of the weight. Plus you can buy a decent scissor for cheap!

    I am just putting up a s#!!load of hooks this will save so much time (and murdering!)

    I work in a tree lot every Xmas, and when we attach tree stands, the damn things have 5 eye bolts each... We just took a hook bolt, tighten it into the drill chuck, and it works perfectly. And without the long "tail" your design has sticking out to the side.

    Why not just use the chuck to clamp directly onto the eye?

    Simple and effective, just the way I like it! Thanks for the tip ;)

    I just put a hook in the drill and use that as its less likely to slip.