In this Instructable I will show you how I turned an oil filter cardboard box, masking tape, and transformer wire into a labeling system that I now use for my storage of shop items and/or car parts.

The idea could be expanded into many household uses and the items used could be substituted with many different materials.

Step 1: Professional Parts Tag

Pictured above is a professional parts tag. You'll probably receive one attached to your cylinder head if you had it resurfaced, valves reground, etc. It could be attached to any other random item or service that required that business to identify that it whatever it was, belonged to you and the work that got done to it.

I like this method of identifying something because, it looks professional, doesn't leave residue like tape can, and doesn't fall off of greasy/oily surfaces like tape alone can. I can write all of the details of a certain part, if its used, or what happened, why it failed, the date it was removed, etc.

The only thing that bothers me about these tags is, the fact that you would have to buy something so simple. Its just a piece of cardstock with a hole reinforcement, and a thin piece of wire. That's it.

<p>very nice system.</p>

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