Shop Vac & Cyclone Dust Collection System Cart (Jay Bates Inspired)


Introduction: Shop Vac & Cyclone Dust Collection System Cart (Jay Bates Inspired)

Should have taken more photos during the process... Nonetheless, here is my Jay Bates inspired Shop Vac & Cyclone Dust Collector Cart.

Step 1: Prototype

Clogged up very quickly and did not move well, so decided to take this apart and needed to make a better version.

I found "Jay Bates' Shop Vac Cart" idea as something that I wanted to follow. You can find a detailed instruction on here -->

Step 2: Designing

Used Jay Bate's design as an inspiration, my own version of kart was designed with SketchUp (skp file attached).

I only had pallet wood to make this.

Step 3: Overview of the Construction (Done)

Overview of my own version of the shop vac and cyclone dust collection mechanism.

Step 4: Details

All the pipes and hoses can be housed.

A peek window was also installed.

Step 5: How Well It Fits With the Rest

It was designed to fit just next to dog feeding station and still lets the garage door to open/close. 2 cars need to fit into this garage, so it was necessary for this cart to be able to fit with the rest.

It would be much heavier than Jay Bate's version, of course due to the fact that the pallet wood was used for this built. However, it works well and the shop vac itself can be removed very easily since PVC pipes and hoses are not glued.



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    Did you use solid pipe to increase suction? I like the stacking design, would work better for my vac also. Also, does it fall over often?

    That looks great! That kind of setup would save a lot of space. :)