Picture of Shop Vac Hose cheap/easy upgrade
My shop-vac hose end always seemed to kink at inconvenient times and I was tired of it. Of course I could pay $40 for a better shop-vac hose but I never could justify the expense. Rather, I became determined to make the one that I already owned more usable. With a little brain-storming and checking my garage for solutions, I spent less than $3 and maybe 50 minutes of time to develop an easy upgrade I'd like to share.

Additional rigidity is required to prevent a cheap hose from kinking. This rigidity can be provided by wrapping the hose end with a thin wire and then taping the length of hose with electrical tape. 

I only wrapped the ends of the hose but you could do the entire hose if you prefer.

Required Materials:
galvanized wire - you can get a whole spool at walmart for like $2.50 (a thinner gauge would probably work better than the stuff I used)
alcohol - used to clean the shop-vac hose before taping
electrical tape - or any ductile or stretchy tape  (wide is better)
gorilla tape - optional
goop (mult-purpose glue) - optional 

Required Tools:
shop-vac and an awesomely improved hose (for cleanup fun afterward)
wire cutters
AlexLPD2 years ago
Ridgid are the best vacs... =D
3366carlos2 years ago
good idea, this probably work with my hose garden.
zenbooter2 years ago