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Introduction: Shop Made Ipod Wall Holder

This is a fast and ez way to make a Wall Holder for your Ipod or media device. 

Step 1: Step One Go to the "Home Store"

Pick up a single gang box at you local home store. I used a "new work" style plastic box with the nails on the top and bottom. Shouldn't be more than a few bucks.

Step 2: Step Two

Find the area of your media device charges from and mark the inside and outside of the box for the placement and area (amount) of the box you will need to cut out.  Than with a soild utility knife or better would be a dremel tool, cut out that area.  As seen in this under box picture. I cut out the bottom of my box to let the Ipod's charger still charge the ipod why its in use.

Also you may want to limit your hole in the bottom of the box to closer to the front of the box (only as much as it takes for the chaging plug to clear) as to force the iopd to sit with the bottom of the ipod in the front and the top of the ipod in the back so you can read the screen and see what's playing, I didn't think of this till After the hole was made on this one.

Step 3: Last Step!

Lastly, Nail the box to the part of the wall that will work best for both reaching the Amp or speakers for the audio out and still reach the power recp, or USB port for charging.  As a side note, you may want to use a one foot level on the box while your nailing it to the wall.  This would prevent the ipod from wanting to lean to the side.

Thanks for your time, I welcome other thoughts,




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