Shop Safety Kit Made From Surplus Tool Case





Introduction: Shop Safety Kit Made From Surplus Tool Case

My latest power tool, a random orbit sander, came with a canvas case.  Well, that’s nice, another tool case, but I already had several canvas cases. Then I realized it would be perfect for organizing safety equipment. I have plenty of safety gear, but it was often not at hand when it was needed. I decided to use the new bright orange canvas case to store hearing protection, safety glasses, leather and rubber gloves, dust masks, and the like.  I now keep my new safety kit conveniently located near my power tools where it can’t be overlooked. And the kit can go with me anywhere I have a project, rather than having to search around for the right safety gear.



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    Bill, I see that you are much more cautious than me. If I were so, surely never had been writing this instructable.

    Gracias, Osvaldo -

    Algunas veces lo que digo y lo que hago no son los mismos.

    Había una sierra de mesa tiro de volver la semana pasada.
    (I had a table saw kick back last week).

    Wow, that could be very dangerous! Beware (surely you knows the saying "Physician, heal thyself").

    Tu Ingles es excelente: "Physician, heal thyself" : "Médico, cúrate a ti mismo", verdad?

    Ahora tengo un recuerdo en mi estómago, el contorno de la madera contrachapada de 12 mm.