Picture of Shop-style wall clock

A one-step i'ble just to show the creation of the day: a wall clock made of free/recycled materials!

Previously I used to bring my wristwatch with me when I went working in my shop, to keep track of time. Soon I noticed that it's nearly impossible to keep it from getting all covered in sawdust. Furthermore, I had an old clock motor which had been laying in the bottom of a drawer for years, so I thought I could make good use of it: I grabbed a battery and fortunately it worked! Now the only problem was providing it with a nice face! I was sure something would spring to my mind, and looking around in the shop I found a quite used angle grinder disk. I added a large washer to keep the disk centered on the motor, I snapped the clock hands on and there you have it: your very own shop-style wall clock!

Certainly it's not an original idea, but it's easy and fast to make, it's useful and, overall, it's free!!

Thanks for reading and have fun!

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I love the rugged look! Nice job!

Thank you, I appreciate!!! :)