Picture of Shopper/Folding Bike - Light Adapter Clamp
Hi all.

My wife bought a folding shopper bike a while ago. We like to ride at night from time to time so lights are a must.
Unfortunately due to crazy construction the bike has no bracket to mount a light, no area really available to mount a light and if ya tried mounting one in the normal place the ********** basket is in the way.
To compound things the lights the missus has are the silicone Frog Light type - this means that clamping is done in the horizontal plane, here is how we managed to solve our issue.

Step 1: S1

Picture of S1
ok - the first couple of  pictures show how little mounting area there is - the last  is where we eventually placed the light, only problem, the shaft is vertical and the Frog Light clamps on the horizontal, but we managed it.