Picture of Shopping Bag Pants Clip!
Ok, Before I start, like everyone else here, this is my first instructable! :0
One more thing, I don't have any self-taken photos yet, but I've included some "Google Searched Images"
Make these for your mother so she can carry her bags in style!

Have you seen one of the clips that hold together two flip flops (at stores).
Well, you can turn them to hold your shopping bags!

P.S: How do you get the orange boxes thing on your pictures??
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Step 1: Getting them

When you walk into some footwear/clothing store (such as Old Navy) head to the flip flop area. Check for the plastic thing we want. Make sure that there aren't any magnetic stripes on it... or else the checkpoint thing at the front of the store will sound. Buy the flip-flop. Don't steal the 2cent thing. It's gonna be summer, and you're going to wear a flip-flop.

Step 2: How to Use it

Picture of How to Use it
Simply get the side with two hoops facing up, and clip that to your pants or something. Then you're left with a hook on the other end for your shopping bags!

Make sure your wear tights so your pants wont fall off!

Browncoat5 years ago
Um, I'm assuming that the clips are either attached to flip-flops or are going to be reused by the store. If that's correct, that wouldn't you have to steal...? Of course, I could just be wrong.
dork.mcdork (author)  Browncoat5 years ago
No, they aren't attached to the flip-flop I'm pretty sure that in this season, you will buy a flip flop. When ever I buy them, they don't reuse the holder.