The Mobility Walker Shopper Cart





Introduction: The Mobility Walker Shopper Cart

This Fun Project was the result of someone in need of retaining his living arrangements, as the old cart was cutting up the walls, banging, crashing,  and all matters of destruction.  The old cart was a sorry state, flat worn solid wheels didn't help.  Since I am the only one I know willing to repair shopping carts or dare I say improve, here it is.  Last but not least lots of people around this gentleman could not understand why he could not use a "Medical Walker".  His answer, "I don't want to, they suck, expensive, can't carry my stuff, they are too light and too low".



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    Would you please think about redoing a shopping cart for wheel chair users? I know it could be patented, but I also know many wheel chair users who struggle shopping with hand baskets. I can't quite figure out how to make it workable for wheel chairs and/or parents with children. Stores could use a new design that would fit in cart corrals like current carts.

    This mobility device will have a huge positive effect on the quality of life for this gentleman and thousands of others who want to be independent to walk in the neighbourhood, do their own shopping etc, etc, etc., not to mention the health benefits of the exercise.

    Good project - all of us in over 70 thank you.