Take a standard figure 8 cable or standard kettle lead.

Step 1: Cutting

cut cable to length that you want

Step 2: Strip Cables Down

I used a cable strippers but you could use a knife or any sharp instrament

Step 3:

Put some cable shrink around cable and then twist cable together. n.b: all colours should match up.

Step 4:

Wrap cables up seperatly and then when cables are completly isolated put togher and rap them up again.

Step 5:

Pull down shrink over taped up end and heat i used a ligher but you can use anything that is hot (n.b) to hot will melt shrink cable and also might dapage cable.

Step 6: Finaly

You have a shorted cable that makes life bit easier in your bag and on the wall.
I guess it would be better just to fit a new plug as they are not expensive and that would also be safer because you will not have any bulge / weak joints.
I usually cut the wires different lengths before splicing so that the splice is not all bunched in one place.. Makes a smoother finished job..
This is a good 'ible for shortening any kind of wire/cord, but i guess I am missing the point of shortening when you could use zip ties/cable ties to "shorten" the cord by coiling it up. Anyways, good job.
should have mentioned the reason I did it was to reduce the amount of cable that is in my small bag that i carry my camera in and also reduce the weight.
solder it!

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