This is the shortest Longbow i've made
This is my first instructable so don't say its crap

Step 1: What Youll Need

youll need
-1 rubber band
-duct tape
and this stuff

Step 2: Make It

here's the Arrow and Bow

Step 3: Have Fun!

There you are. The finished product.

ps: good for annoying your brother.
Probably shortest short bow
my grandfather just died...
And whut does this have to do with a bow?...<br>
im sorry
why are you guys sorry? I got over it...
:( sorry
Awwwww I'm so sorry.
shortest longbow??? that wuld be a "shortbow" -.-
I agree. This instuctable is not worthy of my presence.
Nor mine<br>
<em>Shortest longbow</em><br/><br/>Thats an oxymoron!<br/>
whats that? oxymoron? its like hijinx words i know but have no particular use and meaning to me, this is not even a bow!!
yeah and your the stupidest smart guy around o_O
0wn3d :P
Oh thanks I didnt know that!
its the only longbow you made. And did you know that Longbow is already used as a name for my crossbows?
...a longbow is a bow...not really a crossbow...unless the bow part of it is long... is it? but a better name would be long crossbow...or...cross longbow.... idk...get creative :)
a crossbow can't be a longbow... and that is because the crossbow is actually a bow glued on a statue, and making the bow part longer would make it non-functional in a big fight. if you imagine all those guys, with their 'long crossbows', standing right next to each other, then wouldn't they be sweaping each other in the face with the ends of the longcrossbow? a short one consumes less wood, and is very handier.
so? he can use it too. longbow is a real term
the descirption a a longbow: a bow that is long and has greater distance this is a micro bow, or a mini bow...not a long bow...
this would make it a shortbow, right?
yes i guess so

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