Step 1: Introduction

Have you ever needed a bag to carry your things or gatherings but you don't have anything handy? Well here is an easy instructable that will come in handy in most situations.

Step 2: Materials

What you will need:
-string or twine
-shorts or pants
-knife (use adult supervision if needed)
-straps (I haven't put any on mine)
-buttons or buckles (not shown in the picture)

Step 3: Start Cutting

What you need to do is:
Using your knife or scissors, cut the inside of the shorts or pants legs so it can be separated then stitched

Step 4: Start Stitching

Now you need to stitch the front halfs of the legs together and then stitch the back halfs together. Next you need to stitch the bottom together.

Step 5: Trimming

Now you need to trim the excess material from near the stitches

Step 6: Adding Buttons or Buckles

For this step I used some clip buttons that I had in the shed. What you need to do is cut some holes so you can attach the clip buttons

Step 7: Done

You have finished your carry sack now you can attach your straps if you want to.

Thank you for viewing my 1st instructable please feel free to ask questions.
Thankyou very much
<p>Nice, very clever!</p>

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