Step 3: Notch Out the Vertical Post

The easiest way to notch out the vertical supports is to drill out the corners with a 1/4" drill bit. And then use a coping saw or a jig saw to cut out the rest. The notch on the 2" x 4" is 2.5" in from each side and 4" down. This will make the notch a little bit big, so you will have to cut within the lines.
Hi - This looks like a great sawhorse and for a limited space workshop I love that it can easily be taken apart for better storage.<br /> <br /> I think I'm missing something though.&nbsp; Is this material list for 1 sawhorse or for 2?<br /> <br /> If I'm following the directions correctly for 2 sawhorses it looks like I would need<br /> (2) 59&quot; 2x6's<br /> (4) 17&quot; 2x4's (the legs right?)<br /> (4) 16&quot; 1x4's<br /> <br /> This would calculate out to a shopping list of (1) 10' - 2x6, (1) 6' -&nbsp; 2x4, (1) 6' - 1x4, 24 screws.<br /> <br /> Thanks.<br />
Nice catch on the typo's. The list should have been for a pair of saw horses, so yes it should have been:<br /> (2) 59&quot; 2x6's<br /> (4) 17&quot; 2x4's (the legs right? <strong>correct</strong>)<br /> (4) 16&quot; 1x4's (bottom leg stabilizers)<br /> <br /> But it is 32 screws, since each end of the saw horse has 8 screws, which is 16 screws per horse.<br /> <br /> I've made the necessary corrections within this instructable. Thanks.<br />
Hey aus...this is a great idea, a great project. Thanks for sharing! Cman.

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