6 barrels
Ammo: red rods

Loading the gun: video
(rubber bands where removed because I was loading it whit one hand)

Step 1: 3 Top Barrels

3 top barrels

Step 2: 3 Other Barrels

Picture 1 - 3: part 1
Picture 4: part 2 and 3
Picture 5 - 6: part 4
Picture 7 - 8 part 5
Picture 9: part 6 and 7
Picture 10 - 12: combine part 4, 5, 6 and 7
Picture 13 add part 2 and 3
Picture 14: add part 1

Step 3: Handle

Follow the pictures

Step 4: Firing Pin

Create 6 of them

Step 5: Finishing

Putting everything together
is there anything else i can use other than hinges, because i don't have any
i know, they never include any in the new kits and I have only like&nbsp; 5<br /> <br /> and I&nbsp;wish someone would build a full auto assault rifle with a scope and a shotty attachment, ok, im going to try to build one
Don't even try someone made a full auto mec and it was just a prototype and it emptied the mag in like 2 seconds.
i think this might be one of the coolest things that was ever built<br /> &nbsp;
I can't shoot the bottom 3 barrows for some reason.
does it shoot well?
That handle and trigger mechansim is ridiculous
i know right! i just built this, all i need to do is tape up the rams and do a little modding to it.
Nice! let me know if it is worth building
its pretty good! it needed a little moding but it works well and sprays red rods every were!
Dude that is THE most coolest gun I have seen so far! I hope u contenue posting sweet k-nex guns like this!
i kust noticed! this uses the same type of system the sr-v1 uses. but insted you have a ram! you should have made this into a sniper!
ok itz official dude you have MAD SKILZ
Very clear pics taken for the instuctions- nice gun to
cool gun like the loading system
I made some mods for this gun, I will post them when I finish building it(I only have all barrels and half of the handle). The mods include a better foregrip and barrel mods.
this looks ok, but i am making a way better shotgun that actually shoots 6 rods at once. I am halfway done with it. It has a 50 ft. range (all 6 go 50 ft.). Once I finish it I will post it. Its gonna be sweet. It will also have a 6 shot magazine.
It also only uses one barrel.
i did build a better shotgun, it only uses one rubberband, contains two barrels and is loaded with two bullets wich blow apart when they come out of the barrel. it contains a working trigger system, wich i haven;t seen on instructables yet. it is not on instructables yet because i want to know if i should post it or not, do i have to
could look better....
Someone needs to make a sawed-off shotgun that "splits" down when you load it....im not creative enough to do it lol
alingarhs i did do that, but its not that great with large guns due to the w8 might make the thing go a little lower then normal, and then its not pump action...
What do you mean, "'splits'"?
You know how a saw-off works when you have to push it down to reload<br/><br/>like this....http://www.caw.co.jp/caw/m79/media/m79so_011.jpg<br/> <br/>
That'd be an easy mod. You'd just put the front barrel on a hinge.
yes but how pulling it down will load it? the hinge is just to make it break but the point is that pulling the gun down will also load it...(i mean cock the hammer).
u could attach a rope to the top of the barrel that folds down and route it back and then put a wheel to double back and attach it to the ram. tighten the rope so its long enough to pull the ram al the way back when the barrel is down
im sure it will jam, and personally i hate jamming...
Oh it loads it?? :P Didn't know that. Then again if it didn't do anything, it would be a stupid feature.
yes but maybe one day it will be possible to create one...
oh, thats what you mean by sawed-off, sawed-off just means that the end of the stock is sawed off.
sawed-off shotgun is when you saw off part of the barrel to make it shorter.
ya, but that is illegal
yeah my grandma has one but no one tell!
you must be thinking of a break action. I used to use them for trap shooting, now for junior trap they make you use a pump : \. I'm just getting used to mine :). BTW, Great gun! If only we could make them shoot real shells without the darn thing splodin'.
i made this gun a day after it was posted and i made it split
Does it fire all six at once or to u have to keep pullin the trigger?
They all fire at the same time
do u think it is possible to set it up so only one fires at a time with one trigger
i managed 3 seperat shots with 2 triggers
nice gun and can any tell me when they post a gun
do we need to make 6 barrels?
No, You can leave some barrels out You can make a 1, 2, ... ore 5 barrel version of this
cool thanks
ummmmmmmmm is this unfinished or something? sure it looks cool but HOW DO YOU LOAD IT???!!!!! i can't for the life of me figure out how the firing pins cock, what the trigger does, (right now all it does is move the top bit up), and how the bottom pins fire! also, in all the pics of the finished gun, only 1 or 2 pins seem to be loaded! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here is a [&lt;a rel=&quot;nofollow&quot; href=&quot;http://s59.photobucket.com/albums/g315/rvdp/?action=view&amp;current=MOV00364.flv&quot;&gt;video&lt;/a&gt; video] how you have to load it&lt;br/&gt;<br/>
the gun is freakin coolio
does it fire the shots all at once

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