Shotgun Pistol (Ible)





Introduction: Shotgun Pistol (Ible)

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Hello and welcome to the ible for the shotgun pistol this is the updated version and I felt like cramming in all the steps if you have any questions send me a PM.



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    This looks really familiar, I don't know why. But good job anyways.

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    It looks fimiliar because that is the updated version of the first one, and thank you.

    Well no, I fell like I have seen a similar design a while back. I'll try to find a link.

    is this the gun it reminded you of because it did to me

    Yeah they look familer but I didnt't copy his and he didn't copy mine.

    Ok and that would be great.

    You going to make it?

    Nah I don't mess around with knex anymore.

    Oh well thats to bad, I really don't think I'll even stop as long as I still have my pieces.

    That is what I said, but now I am 15, and have high school to worry about, and other things just became more interesting.

    Oh well thats to bad but I'll try my best on building.