Introduction: Shotgun Shell "Wallet"

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Take a shotgun shell and turn it into a hardcore money holder! Flippin' sweet!

DISCLAIMER: NEVER fire any gun without the proper ear and eye protection, and ALWAYS practice proper firearm safety. I am providing these instructions as a fun project, and I am not responsible for any injuries or broken laws that are a result of my instructions.

Step 1: Get a Shotgun Shell

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You can do this step in many ways:

Go to a range, and either fire a shotgun or collect the shells from someone else.

Fire your own shotgun, keep the shells.

Ask a friend for any shells they may have.

Step 2: Getcho Bank, Sonn

Picture of Getcho Bank, Sonn

Get all the cash you want to put in the wallet.

Step 3: Prepare to Roll

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Line up your cash and put pen, pencil or other similarly shaped object, and put it on the far end of your stack of money.

Step 4: ROLL!

Picture of ROLL!

Roll your cash around the pen. If it's a little messy, don't worry. That'll be fixed in the next step.

Step 5: Tighten the Roll.

Picture of Tighten the Roll.

Take your right thumb and index finger, and put them on the ends of the roll.

Take your left thumb and at least two fingers and put them on opposite sides of your roll.

Bring your hands together, relax one hand, and put them back to their original position. Repeat until you've reached your desired thickness.

Step 6: Put It In!

Picture of Put It In!

Self explanatory. I think all of you are capable to do this without further instruction :)

Step 7: Awesome!

You're done! Feel free to tell teach your friends how to make this, and this wallet should hold up for years to come.

WARNING: Please don't go through airport security with this, and don't try to buy a gun using this wallet. The owner of the store could mistake it for live ammo and it could turn ugly for you.


DiamondBack (author)2006-09-26

I can't get my driver's license and credit cards to fit. And it ruined my wallet-sized pictures. And after all that, there's no room for my money. Any ideas? Do I need two shotgun shells?

jleanse23 (author)DiamondBack2006-09-27

No, for that you'd need a AK clip.

take THAT to airport security!! XD

mr. cool 384 (author)jleanse232009-08-09

or maby a defused rpg lol XD

the_mad_man (author)jleanse232008-12-11


Spl1nt3rC3ll (author)2007-04-28

Gotta love those rednecks, Americans can't live without 'em. If you are one, Congrats!!! Rednecks ROCK!!!!! they always come up with the coolist things to do with shotguns and fireworks. :)

smokehill (author)Spl1nt3rC3ll2007-10-26

ALCOHOL, TOBACCO & FIREARMS ... shouldn't be a government agency, just the essential ingredients for a successful party

as long as they're not mixed... i prefer not to suffer friendly fire

ah-hec i once loaded a firwork in a shotgun and guis wat i broke my shotgun can u tell my accent is very thick just kidding i never did that

lol XD

Jafafa Hots (author)2006-04-17

I knew a guy who was about 30 years old, and one day on the street he said "hey, wanna see the neat sheath I made for my knife?" "Sure..." I replied, so he took it out of his pocket. It was a toilet paper tube with an old black sock pulled over it, held on with rubber bands. For some reason this project made me think of that. (No offense intended.)

Neodudeman (author)Jafafa Hots2006-08-23

what an odd experience.

i concur!

mr. cool 384 (author)Jafafa Hots2009-08-09

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????so wierd??????????????????????????????????

vanmankline (author)2007-05-03

I use two shells of different sizes (ie 12 Ga & 20 Ga) for match cases. Place some matches in the smaller shell and slide it open end first into the larger shell. Drilling through the primer of a spent shell makes a nice bead for crafts.

Oh the things you learn after working years on ranges...

the_mad_man (author)vanmankline2008-12-11

spent shell? but I like drilling through loaded shells

mr. cool 384 (author)the_mad_man2009-08-09

I got $15 stuck really deep in a 50 cal. shell

vanmankline (author)mr. cool 3842009-08-09

Make a hook out of wire & fish it out?

mr. cool 384 (author)vanmankline2009-08-14

I TRIED it is stuck to the side and i used all my wire on a steam punk gun

vanmankline (author)the_mad_man2009-08-09

Live primers can be tapped out and used for other stuff... :-D

toollvr (author)2007-05-07

This has to be the most non nerdy instructable on this site. Awesome.

mr. cool 384 (author)toollvr2009-08-09

i love guns

Freek_Kid (author)2006-09-22

so wouldnt it suck if you had to go through security and they saw u had a shotgun shell for a wlalet..can you say...CAVITY SEARCH!!!

mr. cool 384 (author)Freek_Kid2009-08-09

jesus christ on a popsicle stick can u say sawdamation

jleanse23 (author)Freek_Kid2006-09-27

Thats exactly what I was thinking when I said not to go through airport security with it.

smokehill (author)jleanse232007-10-26

There are some whole jurisdictions where it wouldn't be a good idea to be seen with this -- Washington D.C., especially. They're so maniacally anti-gun that even possession of unregistered ammunition (i.e., any ammo that isn't in a cop's gun) is a felony with mandatory jail time. And there definitions are so irrational that they may well consider an EMPTY shell "unregistered ammo" even though it has no primer or powder. The morons that write their laws know nothing about guns & just pull laws out of their .... well, somewhere dark, anyhow. D.C. law defines a machine gun as any clip-fed weapon that is capable of carrying more than (ten?) shells in the magazine -- in other words, most of the semi-autos in the world, and definitely every one their cops carry every day. This is not a place to even have a TOY gun or ammo, and their city-bred cops are so basically unfamiliar with guns in general that there is near zero chance they'd recognize this money clip as obviously NOT falling into the ammo category. You'd probably never get convicted, but you'd be spending hours getting hassled, cavity-searched, your car tossed, your friends searched & interrogated ... and very likely having to spend overnight in the can before they cut you loose, or maybe even have to spring for a bail bondsman and appear in court. Anyone who's spent any time watching D.C. courts knows how much it resembles Alice in Wonderland ... only stranger. Great little idea -- just watch yourself when traveling ....

adamthiede (author)2008-09-18

I've done this before, but I used 2 shells. Get a 20 ga and put the money in there. Then pit the 20 ga shell inside a 12 ga shell. More secure.

static (author)2008-06-01

Interesting idea, but most of use will have to carry a wallet anyway for the DL, CC and various other ID we may need through the day. A plain old money clip would be simpler if one expects to be handing out bills a lot during the day. I don't shot as much as I used and I never shot enough to make reloading a worthwhile task. The empties here get toss in the trash, if I don't know a reloader that wants them. I suppose if I saved them till now and burned the to get clean brass, I may have had make a dime or two.

EaglesNestOne (author)2008-05-26

Umm... I had troubles with step 6... JKS lol. Nice instructable, probably will never get my hands on a shotgun shell but meh looks good anyway.

ledzep567 (author)2007-12-27

let me guess... Remington number 6 shot? or possibly number 8? im glad north carolina isnt like that, i can walk through my neighborhood with a shotgun in my hand to my neighbors house and its completely normal!

zorro3355 (author)2007-11-13 tell me where the hell am i gonna get a shotgun???international military?i will go to jail if i carry anyform of gun in my country.haha jk

danger boy (author)2007-07-15

finally something to do with those shells i colected!

toogood (author)2007-06-07

if you put some sand paper on the cap of a shell and put another cap on the other end of the shell you have a mach box(make shore the 2nd cap comes of)

Spl1nt3rC3ll (author)2007-04-27

hoooweee! Now I gots me a redneck wallet! Awesome!

benhudson (author)2007-04-26

I like. It would look great with an old style casing made out of brass.

LightningCrash (author)2007-04-26

But it more than likely won't turn out ugly for you. Although I second the recommendation of not trying to make it onto a plane with this.

madman69 (author)2007-01-12

a waste of a perfectly good shotgun shell

qwerty (author)2006-12-10

Just cut down the side of a shell so you have to parallel cut on opposite sides and make it a money clip

klee27x (author)2006-05-12

Shotgun shell change holder? Shotgun shell chapstick case? Shotgun shell mint dispenser?

theRIAA (author)klee27x2006-10-04

good thing i have a semi-auto!

dalton2021 (author)2006-08-31

and ur quotations on wallet are screwed up

jleanse23 (author)dalton20212006-09-27

And your capitalization, punctuation, and spelling are all messed up too. Good job.

dalton2021 (author)2006-08-31

did use the pics of the money beacuse u think you have alot of cash or what?

jleanse23 (author)dalton20212006-09-27

No, I used it because its part of the how-to. Did you mention your 800 dollar AEG because you think you have a lot of cash?

jleanse23 (author)2006-06-22

Ha ha thats great! True DIY style! No offense taken ;)

sometimes_steve (author)2006-04-24

This is a neat idea, but you would have to re-roll your money everytime you took some out.

Joe93 (author)2006-04-21


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