Shotgun shells. They're EVERYWHERE in the logging roads around here, and I think they're pretty cool. I've wanted to do this for a long time, but never found suitable shotgun shells until now,  because usually the metal part is all rusty.

Step 1: Supplies

You'll need:
 * Used shotgun shells (That's kind of a  given) Make sure that the plastic is intact and the metal isn't completely rusty, because if it is, then it could break.
 * Candle wax. You can use the big blocks of it, or tea lights, or old candles. Whatever you want.
 * Double boiler. I use one that is originally meant for melting chocolate, but I find it more useful for this. You can make one by putting a tin can in water in a pot, or you can buy one.
 * Some kind of colorant. You can use another candle, or crayons, or that coloring stuff that's meant for candles.
 * Candle wick
 * X-acto knife
 * A stirring utensil

Make sure you put something down for when you are pouring the wax, otherwise it could get everywhere.
I just made these, put them on a clay skeet and lit them with a shotgun-shaped loghter
Great instructable tip don't use 20 ga shells
#1) <br>If you put a candle in the freezer for about 1 hour PRIOR TO burning it, the candle will drip less &amp; last longer.<br><br>I know that may be impossible with larger candles, but with this size of candle, it should not be a problem.<br><br>#2)<br>Maybe a &quot;plate&quot; that looks like a shotgun shell box to hold the candle(s) AND keep the wax from making a mess on your table or whatever...<br><br>#3)<br>Candle wicks are usually fairly cheap at a craft store, where you can also purchase coloring for candles as well as Crayola Crayons....<br><br>Might I suggest having a wick that runs the length of the candle? That way you never have any candle left over without a wick(unless you want candle left overs). not trying to tell you what to do, just offering ideas.<br><br>IF, if you buy the wax instead of recycling old candles, there is an additive that you can add to the wax to make them drip less...then there is also a special bulk wax that you can buy that will drip less...<br>do not ask me how it works, I have no idea HOW it works, I just know that it does.<br><br>I like this Ible...4 stars. :)<br>
If you spill the wax, DO NOT try to clean up hot wax....if you can, freeze it. It will clean up 1000 x better...usually it will pop right out/off....unless it is cloth, then you are SOL(S*** out of luck).
i think if you add the letters on the shotgun it looks cooler =]
cool idea man! i will have to try this!
i would be careful in making these because in some states it is illegal to have even used shell casings in your possession without an FID
Is it really? Wow, I never knew that!
Ive never read anywhere about USED shell casings. Those are just bits of metal and plastic, no potential at all. Only one state that I know of requires a FOID card for purchasing of ammo, and thats Illinois.<br>Any other states you can walk in, and walk out with ammo.<br>Whats an FID? Been shooting for a while and never heard of that o.O<br><br>You might want to cut off the &quot;frilly&quot; ? part on top, since thats where it was folded over on the top of the shell, unfolded they are approx 1cm longer than folded (and loaded :P)<br><br>I just wanted to clear that up and make that suggestion, and now I have a reason to collect some shell casings at the range next time I go :D
I'd love to still have the shell unused and just the top section be wax. The wick would go all the way to the bottom. It would be a great way to get the guests out of the house. BOOM! It blows a hole in the ceiling.
inlaws: &quot;my, what funny candles you have there.&quot;<br>you: &quot;yup&quot;<br>*10 minutes later*<br>*BOOM!*<br>you: &quot;OH CRAP! THE NEIGHBORS ARE ATTACKING&quot;<br>*inlaws run*<br><br>you: *well that's a problem over with. lets go grab dessert&quot;
LOL!! This is so funny. When I make these candles, and you know I will!, with your permission I'd like to print this off and wrap it around them before I wrap them in the box they came in! WHAT A HOOT! My best friend and her husband will very much appreciate the suggestion--- I mean humor... they both dislike his mother... for good reason..... :-)
lol, like you'd need my permission XD
Hehehe oh my goodness, that'd be a good way to get someone mad at you :P
lol, awww thats so cute. how big waz the wabbit you killed with it, if it was a rabbit
instead of a double boiler, you can usually find a cheap rice cooker at a thrift store. it'll heat up quickly, evenly and keep the wax melted. much less headache. just don't try to use it for rice again...
Ooh smart! Heh, yeah you don't want waxy rice!
Well done sunny! you got onto Make
:D Hooray!
Could be a great Father's Day project ^_^ a full box of shotgun candles!
Yeah :D If I were a dad, I'd like to get this for fathers day. However, I am not a dad.
You could GIVE these for fathers day.
&quot;Roseart ones are kind of weird&quot;<br>xD<br>awesome ible!
It's true, they are! They have this different kind of wax that isn't shiny. <br> <br>Thanks :D
Featured on Boingboing!<br>Way to go, Sunny! :D
Neat idea!! I wonder if one can by special candle wax that burns slower than normal...?
That would be a good thing to look into! Thanks!
I thought it said shotgun &quot;candies&quot;... I wonder what that would be like. Anyways, great Instructable! Really neat-o!
Hehe I'm not sure, maybe you can figure it out and make an ible about it? ;P Thanks! :D
Nice idea, but they seem kind of top heavy, which really worries me with a candle, and having a holder would hide the intended shotgun casing look of them. I personally wouldn't burn these, but good idea all the same.
They're actually pretty stable, surprisingly. They probably would work much better as a decoration, since they kind of lose their shotgun shell-ness when they burn down.
<br> <strong>&quot;</strong><em>Redneck </em>wedding&quot;...more like <strong><u>shotgun </u></strong>wedding!<br> <br> Fun idea for otherwise garbage. Though, I see a terrible prank in here somewhere. :)<br>
Hehe it could be great for a prank ;)
the plastic piece is not the primer, the primer is the little metal dimple on the bottom of the shell. http://www.federalpremium.com/hunters_education/shotshell_anatomy.aspx
Ooh that liar! Haha thanks :P

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