I often find a few of these lying about at work. You can buy used ones on eBay if you're impatient, or even ask shooting ranges for their spent shells.

Aaaaanywy, I had a few lying around and thought that I could make lights out of them. They are all different colours and it would look quite nice illuminated.

I had a look on here and it turns out that I am not the first to have this idea, however all the other instructables seemed to stick the light in the top, or opening of the shell. I wanted to remove the primer cap and insert the light that way.

You will need:

Glue gun and glue. Or just ordinary glue. As long as it is sticky.

Shotgun shells. I went for a mix of different colours but you can do as you please.

Drill bit. I originally intended to drill out the primer caps but they just push out. I'll explain later on.

LED lights - I'm from the UK. I got the cheapest I could find from Argos - around £3.

Step 1: Removing the Primer

I was using a bench drill so I could regulate how far the drill bit travels. I initially used a cordless drill but I found that once the primer cap was removed the drill slipped down onto the shell and the plastic was damaged.

As it turns out I didn't even need the drill on - just used the drill bit to punch out the primer cap.

You could use a hammer and a long nail if you wanted, it really does not take much force to remove the primer.

Step 2: Adding the Lights

The LED lights that I bought were roughly the same size as the hole left by the primer. It is just a case of arranging the shells in an order you're happy with and then securing them in place with the glue.

Wait to dry and hang up where you please.

Step 3:

<p>Would make a great Fathers Day gift if your Dad is a hunter even before Christmas.</p>
<p>I thought perhaps you found an easy way to include a AAA dry cell and a micro push-button switch in the primer hole... I think YOU could do that! LOL</p>
That's a good idea. Thank you SO much for your suggestion
<p>I was thinking (OK, hoping) you were going to teach how to make LED tracer rounds.</p><p>It would help to say that the LED lights you mean are actually Christmas Tree lights.</p>
They don't have to be specifically for Christmas do they now? I just use them for ambience lighting of an evening.
<p>These would be perfect for Christmas time.</p>

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