Introduction: Shotgun Shell Pen Holder

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This tutorial will show you how to make a shotgun shell pen holder.

Step 1: What You Need

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1. Two empty shotgun shells
2. A empty 30-6 shell
3. Hot glue gun
4. Extra glue if needed
5. Scissors
6. Pens
7. Any kind of decoration (optional, hides the glue)

Step 2: Dots

Picture of Dots

Draw a dot right above the brass part of the shotgun shell on both with a pen.

Step 3: Small Hole

Picture of Small Hole

Poke a small starter hole with the scissors at the dot.

Step 4: Slice

Picture of Slice

Cut along the brass until it is in half. (look at the pic)

Step 5: Cut Up the Middle

Picture of Cut Up the Middle

Slice up the middle exactly in the center of the cut area by the brass. Then bend it open like the picture. Do the exact same thing with the other shell.

Step 6: Gluing

Picture of Gluing

Glue along the cut part on both sides and stick the two together.

Step 7: Add Your 30-6 Shell

Picture of Add Your 30-6 Shell

Put glue along the top brass part and secure your shell. The best way to put it up is to tack it to a board or wall.

Step 8: Decorate

Picture of Decorate

Put on something from a necklace on it, or come up with something on your own. This will cover the glue.

Step 9: Finished

Picture of Finished

Put in your pens and you're done.


GASSYPOOTS (author)2012-02-27

thats(30-06) not shotgun thats rifle

bobdole5656 (author)2011-04-03

im not a fan

daninja (author)2009-06-30

Will an M-1 Garand shell work? I have plenty at home.

rocklocker (author)daninja2009-08-15

The M-1 Garand is a 30/06 caliber.

yes, the shell is just for looks, feel free to use your mind to come up with things

Meenotue (author)2009-06-27

the one is not a shotgun shell

Yeah well, my house isn't Burger King, it's not "have it your way."

JK!!! Just poped in my head when I read your comment. I know, I just think it looks cool with a 30-6 shell,too.

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