Picture of Shotgun Shell USB !
Want a kick-ass USB ? Well you've come to the right place !

This instructable will show you how to make the coolest USB case mod on the planet !

Its really a very simple project that doesn't take very long at all, hope you like it !!

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Step 3: Preparing the usb

Now you have removed the protective casing it would be a good idea to cover up the bare circuit board with a bit of electrical tape.

The tape will protect the circuit from short circuiting or getting damp.
(Still best not to go swimming with your USB :P )

Step 4: Filing the Shells

Because of the small "lip" at tho bottom of the shell the two cases wont stand very close together.

To make them stand snug together we have to loose a bin of that "lip"

Clamp the shell in your vice/clamp and then use your dremel or hand file to flatten one side.
Repeat this process for both shells and check they fit together.

Step 5: Cutting the slots

Now we need to cut the slots in the sides of the shells so our USB can fit in.

First mark the shell with a pen to show how much to cut, this will prevent you from cutting too much and loosing the aesthetics of the shell.

Now you have marked the shell carefully cut a slot into the side with your craft knife, do this to both the shells.
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=SMART= (author)  whatsisface6 years ago
Thanks :D , What phrase ? lol
"Good picture if I may say so."
=SMART= (author)  whatsisface6 years ago
oh lol i didn't realize lol
doommeister6 years ago
By making the land at the bottom larger you could solder the bases of the shells together (not to be tried with un-discharged shell I hasten to add) and reduce the distance between the two bodies almost to nothing. Nice USB mod though. I'm just waiting for the first gringo to make a bandolier of these bad boys:)
peguiono6 years ago
It looks really good. I like how you used two shells instead of just the one that people have done before.
=SMART= (author)  peguiono6 years ago
Thanks man :D
cry_wolf6 years ago
Wow, absolutely stunning photography. Very nicely done, this will the the 2nd instructable that i actually am going to make haha. Its good to have friends that have lots fo guns, as getting a shotgun shell is like finding a penny to them. :D 5 stars.
=SMART= (author)  cry_wolf6 years ago
wow Thanks Dude !! Cant wait to see your mod!!!
bumpus6 years ago
Personally, I think a bigger gauge shell would be better. But thats just be, Great photos, good explanation! :D
=SMART= (author)  bumpus6 years ago
Thanks !! Yea i only had small ones and because it was thin it could fin into cramped ports,
bumpus =SMART=6 years ago
Ah, good point.
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