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In an attempt to cause a commotion where I work ( firearms are frowned upon ) and to be generally politically incorrect...
I have constructed a simple USB housing out of a spent Shotgun 12G shell.
This is by no means an event of technical wizardry but fun to get a glance nonetheless.

Step 1:

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remove the housing from any of a number of commonly available USB drives, (this was a sandisk that I keep losing but not since the mod!!!)
seperating the housing was relatively easy, I was able to do so without breaking the housing.
if you do there is not much worry as you are creating a new more protective casing.

Step 2:

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I chose to use the shuttle that was around the drive as it allowed me a place to glue/ epoxy to the inside of the empty shell

Step 3:

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you may wish to remove this but the fastening may damage your drive otherwise

Step 4:

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now choose and clean an EMPTY Shotgun Shell with a spent Primer,
I will make this clear,
 Primers are Dangerous and can cause Serious Injury or Death!!!
now so this is clear to all, this is in no way a loaded shell and can do no harm other than to delicate politcal and uninformed egos!!!
Clean thouroughly but dry the brass as it can and will tarnish with its own unique patina,
I used brass but you will find Aluminum as well.

Step 5:

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trim the plastic of the shell to the length that will allow you to still insert and use the USB
This mod makes it difficult to use other USB ports close to it but I dont care, It makes a statement.

I used a+b epoxy to secure the plastic shuttle inside the shell

After it dried ( 1 hour type ) I then placed foam around the drive to cushion and support the drive in its new case. 

Step 6:

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Install and enjoy!
I have gotten several comments at work and all of them have been positive so far.

I will report back as to the reaction of TSA when I try to fly with this,


TSC (author)2010-06-28

It's ok!!!!!!

mrmath (author)2010-06-28

No Mr. TSA, I swear it's a USB drive, not a shot gun shell. ;)

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