Picture of Shotgun Shell USB Stick Case
So I broke my USB stick's case and had to think long and hard about what to re-case it in. After a search of my house, I found a couple of old shotgun shells, and this idea was born.
Help clean up your local hunting sites by collecting shotgun shells!

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Gather materials.
You will need:
- Two 12 gauge used shotgun shells (This means already fired, empty. NEVER EVER cut into a live shell) If you're wondering where to get used shells look in shooting ranges or hunting grounds but make sure they are aware of your presence and there isnt a hunt going on. One needs to have a longer brass casing (about 25mil in length)
- One USB Flash Drive
- A knife
- A cork (not pictured as I didn't know I needed it)
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ascott153 years ago
you can remove casing and the plastic bit all in one go by heating up the brass then when it is hot it will seperate from the plastic easily sometimes leaves a little bit of the white plastic
+1 on heating the brass base. Use pliers to grip the plastic part and hold the brass over a heat source. Use another pair of pliers to gently tug at the brass until it comes out clean.
1spartan956 years ago
make a nerd/geek bandoleer!
I would absolutely LOVE that!
wouternet4 years ago
i made one, it got stolen after a week......
Helpful thought- never bring this into school.
Or to a Church, Airport or Government building for that matter..... That's be really funny to see people's reactions though...
djr6789 Wasagi5 years ago
ye and your laptop would be a shotgun convertede into one LOL
what about a childrens hospital?
2 things: (1.) Great instructable! The pic of mine should be attached. (I know its not so great. My thumb drive was small and my shotgun shell was different.) (2.) My dad says (I know, not a great way to start an arguement) that if you wrap the- I guess you would call it-motherboard of the drive in tape, it gums up the parts. And trust me, that would be QUITE the hassle to clean. What I did, I split the cork in half, put the drive into the two pieces, like a sandwich. Then I wrapped the sandwich in electrical tape and shoved it down into the shell.
Pictures 097.jpg
do you mean the brass has to be 25 mm or the plastic?
junits155 years ago
to remove the primer place it over a hole in a board and hit it from the inside with a screrwdriver, it should pop right out, thay are made so thay can be replaced to ferill the shell. 

Oh and to remove the plastic heat it GENTLY over a stove on simmer and carefully wiggle it out, the push down the burrs of brass on the bottom instide with an upside down nail and a hammer.

It works very well.
it works very well!
Kiteman7 years ago
It's Father's Day in the UK soon - this would make a nice gift for the computer-literate duck-hunter in the family.
Derin JellyWoo6 years ago
Gjdj3 Kiteman7 years ago
Or... the duck-literate computer-hunter. You can never be too sure these days.
whitish Gjdj37 years ago
you joke now but computers are no easy pray. (haven't you ever seen Terminator?)
Derin Gjdj37 years ago
I would have used epoxy instead of cork, would have looked smoother too! Great 'ible.
dj whatever6 years ago
you can also put some hotglue instead of the cork and it could be more stable but however great instructable. it would be an excellent gift for a hunter..... wouldn't it???
Coltergeist6 years ago
Thanks for the info about "NEVER EVER" cutting into a live shell cause I was gonna.
ProjectZro6 years ago
lol i have the same laptop (it sucks)
My sister has the SAME EXACT laptop! Except hers works flawlessly. Maybe you looked at some sites you're not supposed to and got a virus?
no i got the early model that is so flawed its not even funny. but i found ppl that got them about 3 months after are working perfectly. ive gone threw 4 of them (all of which broke within 5 hours of having them , hadnt even gotten on the internet yet) there are also about 1,000 other ppl who got the bad batch, i fixed the problem but the fix runs down the battery faster than it should BUT there is no other known fix so yah. my model by the way is A215-S4747
My laptop model is A205-74707. Looks the same as the one pictured above. I use it for a while and then the screen goes black, still has a back light, but the screen is black. It seems to still work, music will still play, and I can blindly click around; but I can't do anything but restart it. Any ideas? Oh, and by the way, great and unique Instructable!
ok look up my YouTube channel it's the same as my SM for this sight www.youtube.com/user/projectzro and look up my video fix vista black screen of death that should fix your problem.
Thanks so much for your help! I've had this problem for a long time, hopefully it will fix it. Thanks again!
teapotking6 years ago
awesome, i allways pick up shotgun shells when i'm in the woods and i was wondering what to do with them!
hey me too. I will have to do this.
Dr_Stupid6 years ago
Hi-Tek Redneck?
Go to gun range, and ask if they have a used shell you could just have. Clean it up real good! This way you don't blow yourself up/shoot yourself/or shot the person living next door! just a thought :)
podginater6 years ago
i like to make shooting borat styley
podginater6 years ago
yey guns
R4Man187 years ago
Good instructable but I suggest using one already fired, the shell with still be in good shape and after a bit of washing it wont have the smell or look of soot. Do not cut a live shell if you do now know how.
nc5277 years ago
lol the knife u had in the pic is the same one as one i found camping last year.it says like jaguar on it?
wertokz (author)  nc5277 years ago
Mine says Rol-Craft and I got it for £3 at a county fair. I just took it apart and broke the washers =(
compudude867 years ago
this goes without saying, but im thinking this flash drive is not "transit safe", dont bring it on an airplane, bus, or train, or there might be some problems. nor should you walk around the streets/campus with this either. probably doesnt look good to the police to have it in your car either ;)
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