I have always had a fascination for speakers, but a fear of guns! If i was offered to fire a real gun, I would instantly deny (I'm always afraid that I'll mess it up and accidentally shoot myself, or something of the sort) However, I liked the idea of firing a gun without any risk of getting hurt, so I made the Shotgun Speakers. All you have to do is download the app "iGun Pro HD" (it's free) on your iPhone or iPod, plug in your device to the compartment on the side of the gun, go turn your volume all the way up, and start firing the gun on the app! The speakers used in this project can handle bass much better than those used in an iDevice, so the shots sounds much more realistic!

Don't think this is just for making gun noises! You can still listen to music, and if you hold the gun over your shoulder, you can look really cool doing it. This project was really interesting to make, and the final outcome was great. This project will be great for a Halloween prop, especially if you're going as a gangster or a crazed killer. Enough with the talking, let's build it!

Note: I am not responsible for any damage you may do (especially to your device). Also, I got a new camera, so now the picture quality will be much better! Sorry, but I blocked out my face
Hey! I done this too!! Lol! Mine is loud.
Verticees (author)  hortega castro1 year ago
Awesome! Could you comment a picture of it?
M3G1 year ago
Verticees (author)  M3G1 year ago
This is really silly! I like it. How loud is it?
Verticees (author)  audreyobscura1 year ago
It's not as loud as a real one, but it's pretty loud.